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Sarah McClure is a visual artist specializing in Ceramics, and founder of "Sarah McClure Ceramics", a home-wares, jewellery and earth arts brand. 

She creates artworks & objects that celebrate the intricacy of natural design. Sarah's observations of the natural world through photography and collecting found objects inform her making and guide the direction of the design. Her collections explore subtle patterns and textures found in the world around us, such as the folds under a mushroom cap, or cracks in the dry earth. Then designs are refined through experimentation in clay and other mediums, creating a contemporary design and product range that, I hope, will provide you with your own 
thought-provoking piece that is not only a joy to own but is treasured for years to come.

Sarah McClure, a graduate of the Ulster University, School of Art, is a ceramic designer-maker, living and working in Vancouver, Canada. However, she started her Ceramics' journey in her home, County Down in Northern Ireland. Her work is influenced by her Irish background and her new surroundings in Canada. She is a prolific maker, with her work ranging from ceramics, painting and woodwork. 

Ceramics Collection


 My ceramic work uses a variety of clays, and production techniques depending on the desired outcome. I use stoneware & earthenware clays. Also, I occasionally use Egyptian pastes with mixed media for my sculptural work.
Most of my work is produced using the wheel, hand-building or slip casting techniques. 
Surface decoration is what I enjoy the most. I love carving out delicate patterns and using colour to achieve the right look.
Pattern and texture play an important role in my work.
Be sure to check out my latest work on my online shop.


Jewellery Collection


My jewellery collection combines a delicate feminine elegance with the softer bohemian style.

I take my inspiration from traditional English pottery. I have always been fascinated by the incredible detail and the balance of colour that was present in this style.
It was my goal to create jewellery pieces that captured the same feeling and style, modernized for today's fashion.
All pieces are made using white stoneware clay, and each design is carefully created by hand, then colour and glaze are added on the second firing. 14K gold leaf is added for the final touch.
Jewellery wire and findings are all gold plated unless otherwise stated.
All items wear as their inspiration, graceful, light and elegant.
The latest styles will be updated regularly on my online shop. Perfect gift for you or a special person in your life


Painting Collection


I love painting. It is something I have always done throughout my life. It's the starting point of every creative Idea I have and always a new challenge depending on the new subject. 
Currently, I am offering a range of custom pet portraits. I am an avid pet lover so I understand that capturing the likeness of your pet is so important. If you have a beloved pet you want immortalizing, check out my online shop. Also, drop me an email and tell me about your pet's personality. It will all help me create a portrait that truly captures their likeness.
I also offer watercolour or acrylic landscape commissions. If there is a landmark that special to you, get in contact through email and we can get started on your creative project.

Dog Painting.jpg

Pyrography Collection


Pyrography is the art of creating images on wooden and leather surfaces with a headed metallic tip.
I came across wood-burning quite by accident but fell in love with the process. I find that the grain and warmth of the wood always enhanced whatever images I would draw. 
Woodworking provides unique challenges, the type of wood would determine how detailed you can get, some grains can be very hard, or soft, so you have to constantly adapt your pressure.

My woodworking designs are not offered on my online store but I have done a wide range of commissions for private collections, weddings and gifts. So if you have an idea please contact me. 

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